Co-Founder, Amanda Haught, met Bryan at the age of 18 and 22, respectively. Bryan was already a cancer survivor when they met and Amanda didn't see that as a setback for loving him. She embraced him and prayed that their love would grow and with it... keep the cancer away! On September 19, 2008, after many years of dating, they were married. For many years, they lived as any other married couple, enjoying their time together and building a home. But Bryan's health never fully recovered ... though he was still cancer free, his body was failing him.

Though his body wasn't healthy, his love for Amanda was strong and true. It is because of him that Amanda began to knit. The story goes:

Amanda tells Bryan that he is going to think her odd but she wants to learn how to knit! He turns to her and says, that is not odd... you can do it! Later, he returns home with a "how to knit" book , some yarn and two knitting needles. He gives them to her and says... now learn and do! He inspired her and pushed her boundaries like no one else. 


Throughout their marriage, there were many times where Amanda became a source of inspiration for Bryan. For he was rushed to the hospital several more times through the years. Times where he had coded and was revived! Each time giving him another shot at life! This went on for years and then one day, while he was home alone, Bryan left this earth and by the Grace of God, he was sent back to her. Though this time, it was different. This time the deficits were greater and the demands for care were round the clock. Amanda and Bryan endured and pushed through...but the strains of it all were taking their toll on both of them.


Together, they mutually decided it was time to be apart... to save themselves the added pains. It was the hardest decision they had ever made BUT they made it out of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for one another. So, they lived separately and though they did not see one another, because it would be too hard. They kept in contact almost every day! They text of the dreams for one another, their dreams for their marriage's future, their fears and their faith in their choices. Bryan never really got better and while he fought...the cancer returned. One last battle with the BIG "C", the one that would eventually give him his wings. Bryan left this earth on Saturday, July 22, 2017 and with him, took his forever love of Amanda with him. 

It is because of Bryan's belief in Amanda's ability to create that she taught herself how to knit. Now in his passing, she will share that with cancer patients near and far. Thus, Sock It! Cancer was born! Amanda's love for Bryan will live on in the knitted socks of love she and others will create and give to cancer patients as far as Bryan's soul will carry them! With each pair of socks created, a message of HOPE and INSPIRATION will be worn by those fighting the hard fight and saying... SOCK IT! CANCER.

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